Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 31

Hey family, the days are flying by here.  All kind of blurring together.  I’m loving my time here though.  This week was pretty full of random things.    Things are going a bit more smoothly in the office and there’s a lot more progress in the area with some new challenges.

 Well here is a quick funny story. this morning was really crazy. so we woke up this morning and we had no water at all through out the house. so we were kind of scrambling thinking about what we could do to shower and get ready, we thought about going to other houses that are in the mission but the only close ones only have 1 bathroom. so we decided to call  the office missionaries from the Tegucigalpa mission and see if we could borrow their bathrooms because they live right close to us. they said yes so we drove over there, but we weren’t exactly sure where they lived and they wouldn’t answer their phones. we stopped by their mission presidents house which we knew where it was to ask if he could give us directions he said that he would call his missionaries and they would come pick us up to show us the way. then after a few minutes of just sitting there and waiting the mission president comes out and invites us into his enormous house and says that we can just use his showers...so there we were in the other mission presidents house in our sleeping clothes and taking turns using all the showers in his house haha. really random. he also invited us to stay around and he wanted to make us breakfast haha. but we had to hurry back to our house

Tuesday I went to that store price smart that I was telling you about.  We had to change the name on the card from the old financial secretary’s name to mine.  They have pizza!  Like Costco pizza HAHA.  Its almost just as good, only they don’t have berry smoothies.
Wednesday was a pretty interesting day too.  Every first day of the month we make a giant check to pay for all the houses of the missionaries.  This month we made a check for 95,00 lempiras and cashed it out so we could take it around to deposit it in the accounts of the landlord’s banks.  Funny story though, when we were taking out the money this lady started yelling at us in the bank for having too much money and that the church needs to stop building churches and start building schools.  At that point everyone was looking at us with our giant sack of money.  Later we explained to her that we were paying housing for 155 missionaries and that the Church does a ton of humanitarian  aid and that the missionaries aren’t paid to be here.  Later we left the bank and got in the car as fast as possible with the money .. which is funny because it’s really not all that much money in the states.   Less than $5,000 to pay for over 50 houses.  But here, it’s more money than a lot of people have ever seen in their whole life.
Thursday we drove about an hour away to get our driver’s licenses, because it’s cheaper and easier there.  We set up  an appointment and everything before, but when we got there the policeman didn’t want to help us out.. unless we gave him money.  We decided we didn’t want to pay his bribe and just went back to the office.
Saturday for p-day we drove all the way to Comayagua to get a house ready for some missionaries that are going to open up an area.  I got some nice pictures with a donkey so that made the trip worth it. (Here´s my new investigator...it seems like he really loves the gospel. Manso y humilde..)

Things are progressing in the area too.  When I first got here we didn’t really have a teaching pool at all, so we’ve had a big focus on finding.  Lots of contacting and walking, but it’s good though because I feel a lot less awkward at doors now HAHA.  We’ve found some good investigators, and a ton of inactivates.  So we are teaching the less actives to try and help them come to Church while at the same time teaching investigators who live in the same house.  We still don’t have any baptismal dates planned, but there are some people who are progressing and we have a lot of hope for them.
But that’s about it, I love you all.  Let me know how everybody’s doing.
Until next week!
Con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

here´s the donkey we found on our trip to comayagua haha. other than that im really loving the office. ive made good friends with one of the APs his name is Elder Delahunty from Salt lake. hes a great missionary and we get along super well. he is leaving this transfer so im kinda bummed that i wont be able to have him in the house with the rest of us. 

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