Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 32

Hey family, Happy Valentine´s day!
    Im writing today because we were out running lots of errands yesterday and didnt get finished until about 6pm so we just went straight out to work from there. But this week has been pretty full, we´ll see if i can remember everything that happened. First off, on Tuesday Elder Martino from the second quorumn of the seventy came to visit the mission along with his wife. When he got here he had a meeting with just us missionaries in the office. We talked about some of the struggles of being in the office, how it can be really tiring with the schedule and just other things like that. He gave us advice on how we can improve and also asked a lot about how our areas are doing and who we are teaching and what we are doing to have more success. It was really cool to be in a small setting with just us few missionaries being able to learn a lot from him. After about an hour he left to go have some other meetings with president Flores.
     On Wednesday we had a Zone conference with half the mission where we got a lot of instruction from President Flores and Elder Martino. President Flores talked a lot about the importance of our Motives, Accions, and Results and how each one are important. And also how that fits in with some of the themes of the Honduras Comayaguela Mission. motive is "Servimos por Amor", our actions "Actuamos con rectitud, fe, y diligencia" and our results " Edificamos el Reino de Dios". Elder Martino talked a lot about the importance of members in missionary work. Each missionary is like Ammon, and we need to have our "Amulek" which is the member that works with you and helps you relate to the people your teaching and with that there is more success. Each person your teaching needs to have an Amulek from the ward to help them. Also talked a lot about improving your relationship with the ward mission leader and the bishop. We should ask people for their help because its revelation we have recieved, not just because we need whatever person to sit in on lessons with us. and to help us gain more trust and confidence with the bishop we should really ask for his advice and help rather that just thinking we know how to do everything better...also it would be nice to give him a tie and his wife a flower.
   Thursday was a super busy day in the office we were running around to different banks trying to come up with enough money to pay for busses for the missionaries that were at the other zone conference that came from really far away, but luckily everything worked out.
   On saturday i got my haircut, it was sweet. There´s this lady in the ward that cuts hair in a beauty salon, so all of us in the office went to get our haircut at this place with shampoo treatment and everything...haha we all felt pretty gay buy it was so worth it. and it was only 50 lempiras.
  On monday we had a sweet Zone activity. so the last few weeks there have been cleaning inspections of all the houses in the mission and our zone (Loarque) had the cleanest houses. so President took us to that zoo i went to earlier, except it was better this time because we had some really good BBQ and had more time to play soccer and check out more of the giant lion and leopards in sketchy cages. Elder Snow is in my zone too so its been fun to see how he´s been doing since the MTC, hes lost like 60 pounds so it was pretty funny to see him.
   Today we are getting all geared up for transfers tomorrow, its pretty stresfull because theres a lot of people changing house and i have to keep track of it all, and land lords are calling me every 5 minutes to ask for money so its been a little stressful, but everything should work out fine...i hope.
   But as far as the work in my area is going, its been a little slow. This las week we showed up to our appointments but nobody was there ever, so we just contacted a lot. but we are teaching a lot of inactive part member families and i think we will be able to baptize 2 famlies in march. its been a goal to baptize a family every month, in my 5 months in the field ive baptized 5 families...i hope that i can keep up with that.
well thats about it! i love you all so much! im still waitin for that package, but ill let you know when i get it.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald
ps. tell Luella thanks for the Valentine!

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  1. How lucky to have a sweet sister keeping this journal for you. Looks like you are really into mission mode. Enjoy it, from all I've heard from returned missionaires it goes by before you know it. Love reading about it all. Take care.