Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Letter from Elder Archibald - Week 1

Hola Familia!
     The MTC is great. The first few days are super hectic and busy but each days gets better as I'm getting into a flow. I love it here. It's so cool to be around a bunch of other people with a common purpose and goal. Right when I got dropped off it was go go go and haven't really stopped since. After we said by, my escort elder took me to get my name badge and all the other materials I needed (Spanish scriptures, vocab books, grammer books, etc...). Then after that, all the missionaries that reported that day went to a fireside where the MTC mission president spoke to us. President Brown is an amazing man, he has such enthusiasm for the work. Following that meeting we went to our classrooms where we met our district and companions.
      My comp is Elder Jonathan Erastus Snow, From Des Moines Iowa.  He is a really really nice person and has a great testimony. My District is awesome, there are some really cool guys and 4 sisters. Most are going to Chile, there's another sister going to Comayaguela along with me and Elder Snow. and there is a sister going to New York New York South, she's from Brazil. The other companionship i share a room with is Elder Crist and Elder Daniels. Elder Daniels is so rad; we're getting along really well. My Zone also seems to have a lot of cool Elders, i havent been able to talk with many of them but from my convos so far i really like them. There is one district in my zone that is just native speakers, there's one elder from Honduras! I sit next to them as much as i can during meals so i can practice my spanish more. They are great about helping me out. They leave in 3 weeks to there missions.
      Speaking of Spanish, I'm beginning to remember a lot of stuff from Junior year and its cool to be able to start speaking a lot more spanish. It is pretty frustrating though because there are a lot of easy vocab words that i should remember from my spanish classes but it was so long ago that its a little tough...But I understand a lot more than i thought i would when my teachers are speaking in spanish. My Teachers here are Hermano Wheeler who served in Argentina and Hermana Pete...she got married a month ago, her maiden name is Ampuño. She's from Ecuador and served her mission in Long Beach, CA. Both teachers are amazing! I've learned so much from them and i know i'm going to learn so much more! Its only been a few days and i can't believe how much i'm learning, i will be able to learn a lot more over the next 9 weeks.
     I've also seen a TON of familiar faces around, i occasionally it With Elder Barlow (the one who i was talking to on facebook before i got here) and his companion who are both going to Comayaguela. They are really cool guys, i dont get to see them much because they are in a different Zone, but it will be cool to be with them in the mission field. I also ran into Blake Dye, Tyler Hinton, Marcus Hadfield, and Sean De Visser. it was good to see them. they are doing great. And just lots of random familiar faces all around from school and everywhere else.
well i need to get back to studying! adios.


Elder Archibald

ps. tell my friends to drop me a note or something, i want their addresses!

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