Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 3

Hey everyone!
    So i got my package a couple days ago, it was awesome! the mp3 player is awesome, so are the speakers. thanks for the sewing kit too, i was walking by some orange constructing fencing and one of my buttons got caught on it and ripped off :( i was mad haha.  The MTC is still great. I love my district. Elder Daniels is leaving to the Guatemala MTC in 5 days...i'm pretty jealous haha. There is a sister from my district thats going to the Guat MTC too, Hermana Duncan. SHe's going to Comayaguela as well.

The last week has been great, been working really hard on the language...i've come a pretty far way since i first got here but it is still frustrating because i just want to be fluent already. Elder Snow and i have been workin on lesson plans and are able to teach the first lesson fairly well in spanish.  i've been working on memorizing scriptures in spanish like D&C 4 and Joseph Smith's first Vision...i have a hard enough time memorizing scriptures in english, its really tough in spanish. But my teachers Hermano Wheeler and Hermana Pete are great and are HUGE helps with working on the language. They are pretty tough, but its really good for us. We are only allowed to speak 50 words of English a day max (excluding P-days, Gym time, and 1 meal). So i've been speaking lots and lots of spanish...sometimes its hard for me to stay under only 50 words, but its super good for me.

So the last couple days the gym has been close, usually i would go and play basketball, but now we all go out to the field and play soccer or volleyball. i play soccer basically every day. I play with the District of native speakers in my zone all the time...i'm trying to get them to accept me as one of their own :) haha. Its hilarious, everytime i walk by their classroom they yell out "ARCHIIIIIII!!!!!!"....they say that i'm their favorite white person at the MTC haha. I make them talk in spanish to me so i can practice more, but they speak so fast and mumble a ton so its hard to understand. I'm becoming really good friends with an Elder Chavez in that district, he's from Chico California and has been a convert for about a year. he's going to Chile. He's an awesome guy...suuuuper funny.

So what else is going on out there is the world? sports? news? haha just curious since i havent heard anything about the outside world in a few weeks. How are things going with David and Whit and them finding renters/buyers for the house? how are they liking florida? what about the boys? How are the rest of my niece's and nephews doing? does Aiden miss me? haha. Hows mackenzie?

it would be nice to have everyone's addresses. maybe some friends too if you could post something on my facebook telling people to message their addresses, then you could send them to me. like i wanted Ivie's, isaac's, Jeannie's, Shelby's and whoever else. also, if you could send me another package with some more pictures in it that would be awesome (Mackenzie, Those one's heather had on her iPad of Luella in the dress, and jonas in his superdude outfit, and any other ones. I LOVE MY PICTURES I HAVE)

i love getting the dearelder's and real letters too, they definitely make my day :)

i wrote mom and dad some letters and sent them yesterday so let me know if they get 'em

well, my times up!
love you all!

-Elder Archibald

ps. i'm still trying to figure out how to send pictures home, i think i'll mail home a CD that i can make at a kiosk here. we can't attach pictures here.

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