Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 3 - Beef it's what's for dinner

Hola Familia,
This was a pretty eventful week. I'll start off with this story... so on Saturday I had beef stroganoff for dinner and it was some pretty average MTC cafeteria food. It tasted alright and I didnt think anything of it. then things got exciting. At around 3:30a.m. I started feelin' a little queezy and wasnt feeling very good, then at around 4:00a.m. I felt some saliva building up and knew that some trouble was brewing in my stomach. I got out of bed and stumbled my way through the dark into the bathroom where I then continued to throw up the beef stroganoff. it sucked. then after awhile of vomiting, I brushed my teeth and went back to bed. Then I felt some trouble brewing once again at 5:00a.m. and ran to the bathroom where I threw up again. After some more of that, I brushed my teeth again and went back to sleep. Then 6:30 came around and I got up to get ready for the day, I asked elder Daniels to give me a blessing so he did and I started to feel better. Our district took pictures at 7 at the map so I wanted to be there for it, then we went to breakfast. I didnt have much of an appetite so I just sat there and tried not to think about food haha. then after that I decided it would be good to just go back to the residence and go back to sleep. Then about 8:30 I woke up and threw up again, mostly this weird yellow color that I have no idea where it came from, maybe bile? (sorry for the details) but after that I went back to sleep, woke up a couple hours later and felt much better. I felt good enough to go on a temple walk with the rest of my district. It took a few days for me to get my full appetite back, I'm still not 100% but i've just been eating a lot of salads and fruits.
On a lighter note, last friday my district challenged the advanced district to a volleyball game. it was a ton of fun...and we won haha. so we have bragging right for the next week or so. Its kind of a bummer cuz a bunch of my friends that I've made here left the MTC this week either to go to the mission field or the Guatemala MTC.  Elder Daniels and Hermana Duncan from my district left to that MTC on Tuesday. I'm pretty jealous of them, I wish I got to go to Guatemala! haha.
Handwritten letters are awesome, second best are dearelders to get because its cool to get notes or letters from people just so I can get mail daily haha. Hand written letters are my favorite to get but they take awhile to get to me. Emails are awesome to get too, the only thing thats kind of a bummer is we only get 30 minutes on email, and when your time runs out you cant get back on.  it sounds like you have had quite the traveling week! Archibalds heading all over the world. I'm glad mom got grandpa all squared away and that dad was able to make it to Florida fast too. impressive!
and I'm sure mom and dad have been so busy with their mountainous to-do list! you guys can do it, its just pretty stressful. thats so cool that you are going to be teaching investigators too!!! what else have you learned about the mission? i want to hear everything. and mom, maybe you'll be able to learn spanish on yours and dad's next mission :) spanish is the best ;)
So here's a list of random things since i dont really have time to write a lot more
-if you could send a couple more wallet sized family pics that would be awesome
-my district goes to the temple on sundays at around 12:45 and Thursdays and 10:30 if anyone wanted to leave me boxes of goodies around to find haha
-If anyone see's cool ties around while out and about would be a great gift :) i love my skinny ones a lot
-i'm also running low on athletic socks...i didnt realize we would have gym everyday haha
-and a new Hermana got Emergency transfered into our district a few days ago because i guess she got in a big fight with the elders in her old we'll see what happens
Matt and ali- I loved the letters. i'm so jealous of the concert! you'll have to tell me all about! i love that mackenzie has good taste in music...i'm so proud :).
brett and ashely- thank you so much for the letter and pictures! those are the best to get!! i loved ashley's spanish and Luella's drawing haha.

well i have a 2 minutes left. "brothers and sisters, welcome to the work of angels. Welcome to the divine companionship, in this, the greatest hour of your life" - elder Holland

ps. dad, the couple missionaries get front row center for all the devotionals and firesides. youre going to love it!!

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