Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 2

Hola Familia!

Another great past few days at the MTC. I love it. The 4th of July was really awesome; There was a fireside that President Brown and branch president, President Studdard spoke. President Studdard served as an advisor to a bunch of different presidents and was only a few steps away from the president of the united states in the white house on a regular basis. They both spoke about how America was prepared to bring about the restoration and how the founding father's were truly inspired by god. After that then there was a musical number with a bunch of bagpipers and as they were playing a lot of the foreign missionaries walked in carrying their countries' flags. It was a really cool thing to see how the work is reaching every corner of the earth and how missionaries are coming out of every country almost. After that we went outside to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, it was so sick.
And this last sunday was my first time going to a sacrament meeting with only spanish speaking. My branch/ zone has a lot of native speakers, its awesome to be able to listen to them, and even cooler when i'm understanding what they are saying. But every sunday each missionary is supposed to have a talk prepared because the branch president doesnt announce who is speaking until after church starts...and the talk has to be in spanish haha. I really hope that i dont get picked this week...i still have a lot of work to do on my spanish before i could give a talk. After church there was the monthly MTC sunday devotional. Elder Oaks' Daughter was the speaker. She's an incredible violinist, (studied at Julliard and played in the National Symphonic Orchestra, and has had a really successful solo career...playing at President Hinckley and Monson's birthdays). so she spoke about how she got to where she was through all her hard work, and she played some songs for us too. IT WAS AMAZING. then her  husband spoke in the middle of the thing too, he was funny, "he said, i feel like the halftime show at an NBA basketball game"...and i was thinking, how intimidating would it be to be the son-in-law of an apostle...Matt has it easy being the son-in-law of a bishop haha.
Anyways, Today is my first full P-day. So i get to write letters every thursday, and yes i get your dearelder letters on the same day as you send them...they are awesome to get. i love getting mail :) RJ wrote me a funny letter too that was fun to read, i'm writing him back today. I can't wait for the package either..still havent gotten it yet though.
I love that Aiden is going through a little pirate phase haha, thats very funny.

Alright well, i gotta go eat some lunch.


-Elder Archibald

Ps.  my favorite meal at the MTC is friday dinner which is papa John's pizza

PPS. i'm tryin to figure out how to send you guys pictures.

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