Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 4

Hey everyone,
     Another week gone here at the MTC. It was a pretty good week, i'm back to 100% health. A lot of missionaries have been passing around a cold but i've been trying to stay clear and wash my hands a lot. that hand sanatizer you sent me in the package is coming to good use. I also thought i felt a little bit of a cold coming on, but i took a couple zicam throughout the day and felt a lot better. And i've also been eating really healthy...mom would be proud haha. A salad with every meal, and lots of fruits and veggies. I'm wondering if i'll have to let out my pants like Brett had to in the MTC haha.
     Lots of missionaries in my zone are headed out to their missions, lot's of my friends left on monday. I'm pretty jealous. I just want to get out there and start working! I've been meeting a lot of other missionaries headed to my mission, and i'm really excited; they seem like some really cool guys that i'll like to be around. I've also met missionaries going to the Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula Missions. Which brings me to some bad news, i think that the temple is actually JUST outside my mission bounderies...BUT I'm pretty sure that the comayaguela mission will get to visit the temple a lot because i think its only like 5 or 10 minutes outside of our boundaries. I was kind of bummer when i found out, but either way, i'm super close to a temple and its really exciting.
     I'm in a threesome companionship now that Elder Daniels is gone, his old companion Elder Crist is with Elder Snow and I. He's from Gilbert Arizona. I get along with him pretty well and he is helping me out with the language pretty well.
     I ran into Rich and Leanne Call the last few days, it was really nice to see them. They got to meet my district and Rich was talking to us in spanish, I was impressed at how good his spanish actually was! We were just talking about random stuff and how they liked the first few days, from the sounds of it they are loving it.
     here's a fun story, so yesterday i was eating dinner in the cafeteria with my district just like a normal day when someone came and sat next to me. I looked up and saw that the president of the MTC, Pres. Brown came and sat down right next to me in the seat to my left. He read my name tag and said "Hi Elder Archibald! how are you doing?" i responded saying hi and exchanging pleasantries like that haha. Then he asked where i was going on my mission and where i was from and things like that and we were having a great conversation. and then things got a little more interesting...He asked me to give him 10 scriptures on the atonement from the book of mormon off the top of my head. i drew a blank at first but then started listing some off with the help of some missionaries in my district. Then he asked me to give him 6 scriptures on baptism...then 3 on the Holy Ghost...then to tell him "my purpose" as a missionary word for word in english and spanish haha...then told me to tell him D&C 4..i couldnt do it in english but i told him in spanish haha. Then he told me a passed the test haha. He said that he was preparing for a talk he's giving in a conference and needed some scripture references from those topics haha. He shook my hand and told me that he made note of my name...so this means that i might have to either say a prayer during a devotional or sometimes he calls up random missionaries to talk on whatever subject during the devotionals haha. speaking of devotionals the last one was great. elder simmons from the 70...former 70 i think actually, came to talk to us about how this mission is our sanctification period and it is our refiner's fire. Another thing i love to do is on sunday nights they show movies and usually they have a talk from Elder Holland, if they do i always try to go to that one. He is amazing. I love listening to him when he talks to missionaries. He knows how to inspire and always talks about how his mission meant EVERYTHING to him.
     class is going great as usual. it is our teacher Hermana pete's last day on saturday because her 3 years are up. so our district is still kind of bummed about that. hermano Wheeler is stickin'around though so i'm happy about that. 'He's my favorite. I think i figured out that his dad is an area 70...Richard Wheeler.
     today has been an awesome p-day so far. we woke up and did some personal study and then as we were leaving to go to the temple i saw taylor! He lives in the building right accross from mind. i could only talk for a minute or two because we were on our way to do a session at the temple, but it was great to see him. i'm sure i'll be seeing a lot more of him. He seemed happy and like he was doing great. The temple was awesome today too, this was the first week we could go because its been closed for cleaning and stuff.
I havent got the package from dad yet...but i'm really looking forward to it haha. who thought i'd be so excited about ties? also i'll be lookin for my driver's licence extention sticker in the mail, thanks so much for doing that for me...i know how busy mom is with her to-do list.
     So how's everyone in the family doing? Whats the latest with David, Whitney and the boys? any interest in their house? how do they like floriday and the new job? How's heather doing? Dating life? work? other fun adventures? how's John and Kelli and Aiden and the little sister to be? How's brett, ash, and luella? Thats fun that Ali is going to visit matt in NYC. there are a bunch of elders in my zone going to the NYC missions. Hows mackenzie?  Also thanks to ali for doin that thing on my facebook asking for addresses. It would be nice to get everyone in the family's addresses too.

well i have to go get my Hep A2 shot. i miss and love you all! youre always all in my prayers.

Elder Archibald

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