Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 4: Hi Again

Hey there, I just finished my laundry and i have a little bit more time to write so this will just be a really random letter. So before i forget, do you think someone could send me the rest of my Brother bott and mission prep notes that i had in that file on the mac desktop? also, i'm just sitting here chilling with Elder Collinsworth...from the BYU basketball team haha. He's a cool guy. We're just talking about Mark. He says that his older brother loves coach Pope and that he's so excited to get back from his mission and play for him. He's headed to Russia, and has been here for 10 weeks and has 2 more. i'm glad i only have to be here for 9 weeks haha.   I keep meeting more people going to my mission with me, i'm really excited they all seem really cool. My spanish is coming along pretty well too, its pretty incredible how much we learn in just a month...but having said that...i have SO much more to go. I can understand everything my teachers say when they speak spanish, but its pretty hard for me to understand some of the other native speakers in my zone. but i keep trying to talk to them as much as possible because its really really good practice. Also, i like getting those missionary letters your forward to me. I'm glad brock is doing good...kind of a bummer about his companion always having to sleep though.  well...love you lots. miss you.
Elder Archibald.

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