Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 6

Hey family!
Well its been a great week...the time is FLYING by. Its crazy, I have a little more than 2 and a half weeks left! My expected departure date is on the 29th, i think i'll be getting my travel plans a week from today. i cant wait to actually be a missionary haha.

I got the package yesterday and let me just say...THANK YOU SO MUCH! that was such an awesome package to get. Basically all the candies i've been craving, and the ties are always fun to get. I needed some extras to give away as parting gifts to some of my friends here.

Well it feels a little like a groundhog day week, but there are some random things that were cool that happened. We got a new teacher for my district to replace Hermana Pete, her name is Hermana Staib. She's a really great teacher and super nice...but it made me realize really how amazing my other teachers are. Not that staib isnt good, but my other teachers were just that good.  Also there has been a pretty big change in curriculum here at the mtc and how class is structured. rather than just teaching once a week at teaching resource center (TRC) where we go to teach mock lessons, we are teaching everyday in class with "investigators". and then once a week we go to the TRC to teach volunteers, except they dont pretend to be investigators, its basically like we go and just talk with them about the gospel and share a message based on what their real needs are as a real person. I like it a lot more.
Also for the devotional on tuesday Cecil O. Samuelson spoke. he talked about how we need to always need to be on our best behavior as missionaries because you never know when your actions could turn soemone away from wanting to hear about the church...and besides, god is always watching anyways. also almost everyday for about an hour, for my language study, i go and just talk to some of the advanced elders in spanish. it is really amazing to me how well i can understand what they are saying. we'll see how much i have down by the time i'm in Honduras. hopefully it wont be a huge adjustment. also ms. bradley sent me a dearelder yesterday. it was a surprise but really nice to hear from her. it was really thoughtful of her to send me that note. It was very encouraging. 

 i see elder briggs quite a bit, i'm so jealous he's leaving like next week haha. i also havent seen my friend  mitch winter though.

Another cool kind of analogy we were talking about in class is about faith. Faith is like when you're walking up an escalator thats going down. If you keep a steady pace in working and moving up you'll stay still right where youre at. if you start moving slower or stopping all together then you move backwards and down. In order to progress in faith you have to walk faster and work harder than the world is bringing you down. Don't ever quit!

matt and ali, Comó están! gracias por su carta. Quiero ver los fotos de nueva york! solomente dos más semanas hasta matt vuelve, si? la pregunta sobre, si yo teneré un compañero y una area que son muy dificil, comó yo actuaré? Es una buena pregunta y debo pensar lo que haré. Estuvo raro con las otras personas que fumar y beber en nueva york? Mi español esta yendo asi asi, pero es mucho mejor que antes el MTC. No puedo hablar y escribir muy bien, pero puedo entender mucho cuendo estoy escuchando a los avansados y cuando estoy leyendo. Pues, necesito practicar más! me escribes en español el próximo vez y podemos practicar la idioma. Brett tambien.

well i love you all so much. you're in my prayers. i look forward to hearing from you. the church is true. joseph smith was a prophet. the book of mormon is true.

con mucho amor,
-Elder Archibald

ps. still trying to figure out how to get pictures home. i tried to make a cd today but the kiosks were out of always. its frustrating, but i'm just gonna try to go everyday and see if i can do it.

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