Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 8 & Pictures

     I can't believe it! i'm almost done here at the MTC. The time has flown by. its crazy. this will be my last email from the united states in a very long time haha. This time next week i could be in some jungle somewhere speaking broked spanish to some Hondurans...i cant wait! It still isnt quite real for me yet...but i guarentee that it will be once i land in the Toncontin airport in Tegus. I'm really wondering how my spanish is going to be; when i talk to natives here i can understand about 90% of what they are saying and i can reply most of the time with something that might kinda sorta make sense haha.
    Alright well it's been a pretty normal week as far as the first few couple days go. On sunday it was elder snow's birthday and we had a little party for him, it was a ton of fun...i'll just have to send home some picture of it haha. 
     last monday i think it was, my old teacher Hermana Pete ate lunch with my district and she brought her friend who is also a teacher at the MTC to eat with us too. I forget his name but he is from Tegucigalpa. So i talked to him a lot. it was cool, after the first 5 minutes or so he asked where i learned spanish and i just said "uhmm...pues..aqui." ( and he was really surprised at how well i spoke...i dont know if he really meant that or if he was just trying to be nice haha...either way. But i was talking with him more and he told me some really cool stuff...first off, the Tegucigalpa temple is for sure going to be in my mission boundaries (Comayaguela)! and secondly he told me that my mission home is in the Tegucigalpa mission boundaries which means that our mission has permission to go basically anywhere in tegus. He also was teaching me how to understand how Hondurans speak, they use this weird conjugation called vos...not vosotros. but i guess its a little weird to listen to at first but i'll get an ear for it after not too long.
     on Tuesday there was a devotional from Claudio D. Zivic from the First quorum of the seventy. it was awesome. he is from argentina. He basically talked about how we need to imagine ourselves and what we want to be two years from now and do everything we can to become that. Our life is like an echo, we get everything back that we put into it. Reminded me of the Avett Brothers' lyrics "Decide what to be, and go be it." Anyways that was a really good night.
     On Wednesday i hosted again and showed the newbies around haha. I hosted one missionary from Cherry Creek and then we ran into his friend here who is going to be on my flight to Honduras. He seemed like a really cool guy so i'm lookin' forward to getting to know him better. There are 11 people in my travel group going to comayaguela. Its a really cool group of missionaries... the ones that i know at least.
     Today we went to the temple and that was awesome as usual. and then i've just been doin P-day stuff since. I need to write some letters.
Mom- so i'm not sure if you've sent a package already, but i think i'm set on everything i need...I got the floss things from brett and ashley and then i bought those stickers at the bookstores here. Thats crazy about the new bishopric, they are going to be awesome. i wish i could've heard YOu and dad speak in church.
Dad- I got your letter with the calling card and church news. thank you so much! so i land in ATL at 6:30 am...which i think is 4:30 am in CO...but i'll be in the airport for 4 hours so i can wait a couple hours for people to wake up haha. also i did get that package with the DVD of my pictures in it. Im going to ahve to wait til i'm in the field to transfer the pics onto my thumbdrive...but thats only in a couple days...WOW.  I'm so excited for you and mom though. I've been praying that you guys will be able to get everything you need to get done taken care of and beable to have some peace in the final moments before you leave! It seems like quite the list of things to do. Oh, i also met 2 elders going to Frankfurt while i was hosting, i had them write down your names and to keep an eye out for you in the institutes and such. I'm sure the ward is going to miss you a lot too as was the refiner's fire...a cool quote from a devotional here from Dennis Simmons from the seventy "Sanctification is the process we take to be cleansed from the world. It is cleansing, purifying, changing, repenting, recognizing, suffering, growing, accepting, seeking, avoiding, thanking, appreciating, laughing, crying, choosing, exalting, opening, understanding, abandoning, submitting, regretting, giving, striving, and loving. This is your sanctification process; this is your refiner's fire."
Ali- Thank you so much for the pictures! NYC looked like it was so much fun. Kenzie Rose is gorgeous, i miss her! i laughed so hard with the pictures you photoshoped Jonas and Miles into haha. i bet they LOVED that. So are you all settled in into your place in LA? how's matt liking getting out of NY finally?
Well I love you all so much, youre in my prayers. The gospel is true. the book of mormon is true.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald
ps. someone should send me a weather report for Tegucigalpa :)
Pictures from Elder Archibald


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