Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 7

Hola Familia!
     This week FLEW by. wow. I think if i counted right I only have 10 days left until I should be on a plane headed to HONDURAS. My district is supposed to get our planes de viaje (travel plans) sometime today, i'll send another message once I find out when my flights are and such. Chances are i'll have a lay over at some point and be able to call home, so i'll let you know when that might be...who knows, maybe i'll have a lay over in Denver haha.
    Anyways, i'm tryin to remember the happenings of this last week. it was a lot like most of the other weeks here...they kind of all run together. But i did find out that Elder Briggs and my friend Elder Deyoung are travel companions and they leave this wednesday or tuesday or something so i introduced them. i'm super excited for both of them. Also i had a friend Elder Vasher leave to the Tampa FL mission so David and Whit should keep an eye out for him. Which mission is Brock Avery in again?
     I also sent my SD card to the house last Saturday...have you gotten it yet? And i also sent mom a letter in the mail back to the house. I got the email that dad send to all the missionaries announcing your mission! They are going to be so pumped for you. Did you announce it over the pulpit last sunday or is it this sunday? 
     On Tuesday for the Devotional, Elder David F. Evans from the first Quorum of the seventy came to speak to us. He spoke on the importance of teaching our investigators who heavenly father is. In a lot of cases we will be the first to teach them that they are literal spirit children of god, their father. He didn't really include a whole lot of new info, but it was a good reminder nonetheless. I'm gonna miss the firesides here every sunday and the devotionals ever tuesday when i'm out in the field.
     On Wednesday I got to do hosting and show the newbies around. It was a lot of fun to welcome all those missionaries in to the MTC. lots of tears. haha. It was also just super nice to do something out of the ordinary from our regular schedule. That took a few hours and i got to hang out with the friends that i've made here. I'm pretty sure i'll get to do it next wednesday as well.
David & Whitney: It was so awesome to get your letters! It sounds like the location of your condo is so nice; close to the ocean, right by the pool, lots of fun stuff for the boys to do. That sounds super fun about David being able to ride with all those bikers and be a part of a peloton...i bet its way different. Thats also good that he'll be able to start at the hospital soon. is he going to be doing more reconstructive surgery there than cosmetic? I LOVED whitney's letter too haha her spanish is really good...its cool that i'm actually able to understand that stuff now. And, of course the stories and quotes from the boys are awesome. my district loves the 'Jonas says' portion :) ahhh i miss those kids. Tell them that the pictures they colored were awesome and tell jonas thanks for the note and song. it was fun getting 3 letters 3 days in a row. oh and the articles are the BEST to get. that article about hospice care was suuper interesting. i also loved that talk from elder cook....the clippings of the random stories were super intertaining too. I definitely would enjoy some more of those in the future. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Well thats about it from me this week. i love you all so much.
Con Amor,
Elder Archibald

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