Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 43: Pusimos la fech

Hey family!
    Well we couldnt write yesterday because all the new missionaries came in and it was pretty crazy getting everything squared away. The office is really crazy as you know, but Im glad i get to write you today!
    First things first, About the Mother`s day call. I am free basically whenever saturday and sunday, its just a little difficult sunday afternoon because i have church from 1 to 4 pm. and the Rays have church sunday in the morning. I can use the google plus again this time and Elder Ray is awesome is letting me borrow his computer again. If you people can do it on Saturday it would be better because thats my P-Day...But we can work out the details during the week through Elder Ray...Man i love having family in the mission haha.
    On another note, La Familia Matute finally accepted a baptismal date! its a lot more sure than it has been before, but they are still on the edge with the desires to tie the knot and get married. The "Wife" isnt really helping a whole lot...she criticizes him a lot and isnt super supportive, but shes trying to improve. I had a really special experience with them yesterday, We decided to stop by just to see how they were doing. We asked how it has gone with the prayers and Santos (the husband) was really excited to tell us that he and Ninfa (the wife) had kneeled and prayed together the night before. Santos explained his experience and that he felt a small simple peace, but a confidence as well. He`s showing a lot of faith to continue forward. It was a really cool thing to be a part of because before i was trying to think of a million other things we could do to try and to get them to make the decision...but really this just shows how IMPORTANT and powerful true SINCERE prayer is. With TRUE intention...miracles can really happen and people WILL recieve an answer from their heavenly father. So we have the wedding date set for the 18th of this month in the morning, and the baptism for the 19th. Im really excited about it all.
    Also with la familia Sùniga, We have been focusing a lot more in the husband because hes a little more hard hearted and hasn`t really wanted to listen to us much. But yesterday he was there for the lesson but asking all kinds of questions that dont really matter in the grand scheme of things...but we kept listening to him and answering what we could while trying to direct things back the the restoration...anyways, towards the end we invited him to saying the prayer to end and at first he didnt want to and told his nephew, Alexis, to say the prayer. Alexis continued and said a good prayer and was an example for his family (he`s 11 years old by the way). But right after Alexis finished his prayer, Carlos (the husband) started and said another prayer haha. It was really cool, and it was a sincere prayer and so we are hoping to see some progress with this family.
     Things are going good though, we have some other families we are working with as well...I love the area.
Well, Thats about it for this week. thank you for all your prayers and for the support. Im staying safe here in Honduras haha.
Let me know how everybody is doing! I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!

con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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