Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 44: Feliz dia de la Marde

Hey familia,
     Well, not too much to write this week since we talked just yesterday haha. But it was really great to be able to talk to you all and see your faces. Everytime before i call home i get really nervous and almost dont want to call haha because i am really comfortable with the mission right now and I was worried that the call might make me homesick or get distracted from what Im doing here, BUT it was great, it gave me the little extra burst of whatever it was that i needed. I was glad that i was able to meet Avett and Katie and that I got to hear Luella talk for the first time! its going to be nuts when I get back home and everyone is grown up haha.
    After tha call we went to the area and had a few lessons. We went with this one family for the second visit...it was a really awkward lesson. About half way through the grandpa comes in without his shirt on (thats not the weird part, nobody wears shirts here) and asks us if we wanted to perform surgery on him. We were so confused, but then he turned around and showed us this giant pimple/cist thing on his back and told us he wanted us to cut it open. We laughed and told him no, but then he got really serious with us and said if we were really men of god we would do it for him haha. So we just told him to go to the doctor because hes the only person with authority to do that, we have authority to teach about christ haha. Then he went on forever about he was in the Honduran army 50 years ago back when "compasses didnt exist" and they had to use the sun to guide themselves, and how the army now adays have the best technology...now they have compasses. haha.
   We also went with la familia Zúniga (Esther, Carlos, Yessenia, Wendy, Alexis, Poleth), It was a really intense lesson, Esther and Carlos kind of got everything out in the open with the relationship and their feelings and they were arguing a lot...it was really sad at first because both of them were saying that it would probably be best if one of them just walked out and left the family. The Dad got up and wanted to give us a handshake to say goodbye because he might be leaving the next day, thats when the daughter left the room crying, but i didnt shake his hand and told him id see him the next day...he smiled and said okay. But we explained how no family is perfect, everyone has their problems, but they need to have hope, patience, and faith and things will work out for their own good. Both need to humble themselves, look for the good in eachother, and forgive one another. We explained that true happiness comes only through obedience to gods commandments and how living the gospel will make the family more united. We invited them to start kneeling down and praying as a family every night and we promised them that if they did that, and that if everyone came to church this sunday that they would feel the presence of the spirit in their home and the contention would leave. They commited themselves to do it, but it wasnt very firm...so we will see if they did it when we visit them tonight. I love this family a lot. They have the potencial to be an incredibly strong family and leaders in the church...they just have to humble themselves and start working on the little things...  that really applies to all of us. Its through the small and simple things that big changes and miracles come to pass. ie. prayer, reading the scriptures, service, etc.
Well I love you all so much, thank you for being a great example for me. I hope everybody is doing well! write me and tell me how your missions, work, kid raising, and everything else is going!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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