Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 46: Adios Jardines!

Hola familia,
   How has everyone been doing? Things have been really good here in Honduras. This has been a pretty awesome week. It was my last week in Jardines de Toncontín, my last day was yesterday actually. I was there showing one of the Elders who will be there around the area and where our investigators are and everything. I was pretty sad to leave to be honest with you, i really loved the area. I was there for about 4 and a half months, which is how long i was in San Rafael, but the time went by ten times faster in this area...not sure why. I was expecting to be here for 8 months haha but now I´m in an area called Nuevo Loarque. Us 4 secretaries will be working there, its a big area and its a wealthier place from what i´ve heard. Ive actually never been there yet, tonight will be my first time in the area. I think i´ll be here for another 3 or 4 months.
    Things ended really really well in Jardines though, we invited Yesenia and her son Alexis from la familia Zuniga to be baptized on monday and we set the date for Saturday. They were both so excited, even though the rest of the family wasnt going to be able to. We had a really great baptismal service on saturday, about 25 members showed up to support them. Thats the most people ive ever had come to a baptism, it was really great and the spirit was present. After the were baptized, Alexis and Yesenia bore their testimonies. Alexis said that he wants to be a missionary and that he is going to start preparing now. The kid is really really smart and is going to be a huge help to the youth in the ward, and the mom has such a strong testimony in the restoration. I was really grateful to be able to participate in their baptism and conversion.
   Also monday in the morning i went to the Honduran was a really weird experience hah. the instructor kept calling on me to answer questions and explaining how things are different here from in the states. During the written test he was like reading over my shoulder and it was pretty funny because he would give me the answers in broken english. Everything turned out well though and i will be able to drive starting tomorrow. Its going to be crazy driving in the country...but dont worry mom, ill be safe and check my mirrors haha.
   well thank you for everything! i love you so much! let me know how everyone is doing.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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