Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 45: El tiempo esta volando

 Hey everybody,
     Another quick week here in the office and Jardines de Toncontín. The time has been flying by really fast but not fast enough, I´m ready to get out of the office to be honest hah. These 4 months have been wayyy too tiring and stressfull. I really miss the normal missionary life. Sounds like I´ll be leaving in September, so another 4 months...its weird to think that i´ll spend a third of my mission in the office. Im sure that when i final get out of this place ill be a lot more excited to go work and get stuff done. I´ll really appreciate the proselyting side of things a lot more.
     I love my area though, I try really hard to leave the office early at like 2:30 or 3 so we can eat a quick lunch and get to the area at 4 or so and have a good 5 hours if we skip dinner to visit less actives and investigators. We have a lot of potential here in the area to have a lot of success really soon. We have 9 investigators that have enough church attendance to get baptized as soon as they make the decision. Santos Matute has been going back and forth a lot...its been frustrating. We were at his house Saturday night and we had a really powerful lesson and he was so excited to get married and get baptized, but he didnt come to church the next day...his "wife" Ninfa came to church and said that he just didnt feel like going. Ninfa has a grandson named Sergio that wants to get baptized so i think we will baptize him this Saturday. Maybe Santos will be able to see the example in a child and that might touch his heart.
   Last night we went with La familia Zúniga and had a good lesson. The Dad carlos didnt really want to be there because there was a soccer game going on so he left and was just watching TV in the other room...I want to just tell him really directly, that if he really doesnt want his wife to leave him he has to start putting in some effort and actually care about her. It makes me really really sad to see that she has this HUGE testimony and wants to make covenants, but can´t...She´s been to church 5 or 6 times in a row, she goes to institute every friday, and all the activities in between. we told her to not lose hope and to be humble and have lots of patience. SHe still has plans to leave at the end of this year, but we are hoping things can patch up in their family. Really all they have to do is start with the little things like a family prayer every night and i know it would help them...they just have to put it in practice. But we did invite her sister-in-law, Yessenia, to be baptized with her son Alexis this Saturday with her niece Wendy. They are all really excited, except wendy isnt 100% sure yet...so we are going to be working with her these days.
    I did get kind of bad news i think, while president was signing some checks for me we were talking about my area and he says that i need to baptize my investigators as soon as possible because i think that he is going to be taking us out of the area and putting us somewhere else. Im really sad about it if that is really what is going to happen. I love this area. But we will see what happens. He said that we´d be opening an area, and thats always hard to get things going the first couple weeks especially if it is just recently closed which i think is the case.
    How are things going back home? I miss you all a ton. thank you for the support and prayers. HAVE A GREAT WEEK! until next time...
Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Archibald
PS. the pictures attached are my new honduran resident card...IM OFFICIALLY HONDURAN! also the view from the office, and our walk through some trees in the middle of the highway to the office every morning. The picture of all the houses on the hillside is probably the richest part of Honduras...its actually pretty haha.


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