Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 64

Hey family!
     the power has been going out a lot the last few days, its kind of a miracle that we have power right now but it is going to go out pretty soon im sure so ill try to make this as quick as possible. It will go out for 6 hours or more at a time and come back on for about 15 mintues.
     Wow, september is over. This month has gone by incredibly fast. We had a really good month in the zone and we were able to reach our goal. Things turned out really great. This week was pretty busy for us as usual. And yes, we have had lots and lots of rain lately. There are some really cool electrical storms that come through. but we have to keep working through it all. We were traveling a lot to do interviews because we had 11 baptisms this saturday (in our zone of 6 companionships so that is a lot for us). We were in Talanga a lot and went to campamento just once for our district meeting. Anyways, we finished the month with 24 baptisms in the zone, averaging 4 per companionship which is the "standard of excellence" so we are really happy that we were able to reach our commitment. The last time that happened in the zone was 2 years ago, but back then they had 7 companiships. I think what helped us was setting realistic goals that we feel we can actually reach and that way we work harder to reach it. And we have a new Motto in the zone, "Just Do It. Sin Excusas" haha it seems to be helping.
     Basically everyday this week we were teaching Sara and Gabi (the 2 daughters of the family we reactivated) preparing them for their baptisms. They are really bright little girls and were so excited to get baptized. Everything turned out really well and the baptismal service went smooth and the spirit was present.
   We are pretty excited for General Conference this weekend, but im not sure if im going to be able to see it in english. I really hope i can.
   Also our neighbor made us sopa de cola the other day, its soup with a fat piece of cow tail in it..haha it wasnt that bad. And we had a chile eating contest, this guyhas a chile plant and it is SO spicey. So we all ate chiles and took a trying to figure out how to send it to you, but these internet cafes keep giving my viruses.
well im gonna send this off before the power goes. i love you all! have a great week and enjoy conference!
con amor,
Elder Archibald

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