Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 65

Hey family,

     another great week here in Guaimaca. Conference was amazing! things worked out perfect; we had investigators that came and had spiritual experiences and recieved answers to questions and i got to watch all the sessions in english. no complaints! General conference for missionaries is really the best...its that extra boost we need every 6 months to focus our minds on the work and really just get more excited about it all. Im really grateful to mom and dad for making it the culture in our family to watch ALL the sessions and not just the ones on sunday. they really are all of equal importance and i was so sad that the people missed out on the amazing talks on saturday! only a few people showed up on saturday, but there was a good turn out for the sunday morning session. Some people brought their friends and families who arent members and we were able to meet with them and set some appointments with them. One that came is the sister and niece of a deaf and mute member named Dimas. Its actually so uplifting to be with him, even though he cant hear or speak, he can feel the spirit of being in the chapel and comes every sunday in his white shirt and tie and all the time during the week. I sent a picture of him a while back when i was "eating" that grass hopper.
   Also, on wednesday we went to visit the investigators that showed up to church last sunday, they live pretty far away so we went with the branch president in his truck to visit them and a few other less actives that live out there. but in order to get over there you have to cross this river (well its really not big enough to be a river). i thought we would just cross on the walking bridge but president thought his car could make it...and we almost did! haha we reached the bank of the other side but got stuck in a bunch of sand and water and the battery died as well haha so we called his son to come bring a new battery and fix the car and we just left the car with some kids that were there watching haha. We had some really good lessons, the new family is really great and i think they could be getting baptized this month! its just hard that they live kind of far away and in a dangerous area that we dont like to go to at night. But anyways, we returned back to the truck and president´s son had it running, but still stuck...we were about to tie it up to some oxen haha but a huge truck came behind us and wanted to pass but they were gonna pull us back to the other side of the river. As soon as the huge truck pulled into the river in got stuck too haha the back tires were completely under the sand so they had to call a tractor to come dig them out haha. mean while there were like 30 people just watching us there stuck in the water trying to get out. then some nice people decided to help us so there were like 8 of us in the water trying to pull and lift the truck out then finally got it unstuck and turned around but it got stuck AGAIN as we tried to cross to the other side where we came from. But there was a 3rd truck that pulled us out haha. Now we are kind of famous in that area and everyone knows who we are haha.
   On friday we went to Tegucigalpa to a zone leader meeting in president fortuna´s house. It was a really good meeting and the fortuna kids were happy to see me. we got to talk about all the success we had last month and our plans for this month. I really love these meetings. afterwards we ate a really great lunch that sister fortuna made us. And then my companion and i left to go to that one store Pricesmart thats a lot like costco because i still have my membership from when i was in the office and we baught some peanut butter and nutela haha we also brought some pizza back with us because there isnt any pizza or fast food out here.
    Well thats it for this week! i hope everyone is well. congrats to david on his bike race, that is so cool.

con mucho mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

ps. so i bought some shoes awhile back that cost me 1600 lemps (80 dollars about) they are nice and will last me til the end of my mission but i hardly wear them out here in guaimaca because its too muddy and i dont want to destroy them. so im wearing my other shoes til they are completely dead. I wear my boot type all the time here.

and i bought a suit as well, but i dont wear it eather haha. Its a light grey and looks really sharp. I think ive sent pictures home of it. Im using my other suit here.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful missionary experience. This blog is such a great idea. You're much better at keeping it updated than your parents are on theirs. Stay safe