Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 67

Hey there everybody,
    Well this change is coming to an end, we have the transfers meeting this wednesday...and i STILL dont know if im leaving or not. Its been kind of frustrating that they tell us with less than 24 hours before so there really isnt time to pack well or say goodbye to people. They are going to call us and let us know all the changes in the zone tuesday morning. I don´t think im leaving, we are pretty sure elder quiñonez will be leaving....but then again no one really ever knows what will happen. We keep working hard though. Although its kind of frustrating not knowing if it will be the last time we will see some of these people or not!
   Our families are doing pretty well. It has been a slower week though because it has been so hard to find them at home! One of the Fathers in the family left to the states on friday for work (legally) and the son isnt home during the week because he is studying at the university in tegucigalpa so we cant enter the house because there arent any men. Same problems with another family, the mom is gone in the morning and the dad is gone at night...so we can never find them together except for on saturday. But its okay! we just have to be creative and find a way to make things work out for us.
   Church attendance was kind of low this sunday because it was raining and people dont like getting wet and muddy walking to church. It was kind of sad during priesthood because there were only 4 men there and then us 4 missionaries, which is really low for this branch. We are going to meet with the branch president today to talk about how we can help and maybe do divisions to maybe make some home teaching visits with them to less actives or part member families. And while meeting with them its a great opportunity to ask for references (but we never use the word reference because it terrifies the people here haha) we have also been trying to knock on as little doors as possible...meaning we want the members to knock on the doors of their friends for us. Its a lor more efficient for us and we dont have to waste so much time with people that say we can come back another time but dont really mean it haha.
   On friday we went to set up a couple like picnic tents and chairs for an event at this rehabilitation center for kids with disabilities. the mom of one of our families that we are teaching is the president of the organization and always likes us to help out. So we take a few minutes every once and awhile to go see if she needs any help. She is a really great lady. Her name is Pati Casco, and her husband is a teacher here. they are such an amazing family. We have had some really powerful lessons with them with some tears and a lot of the spirit...the only hard thing is that they are pretty involved with the catholic church so its hard for them to investigate another church for social pressure. But they are VERY interested in temples and that families can be eternal...im so excited for the temple open house here because i think it is going to help SO much with the work. Like entering into that holy building, there is no way people cant feel the spirit. And also there will be people that come from really humble conditions living in adobe or wooden houses that can come and see the grandieur and beauty of the temple. It will be a pretty shocking contrast im sure, and comforting for them to know that anyone worthy person can enter, doesnt matter how much money you have.
Well thats about it for now, I love you all so much. I loved the photos of everyone at BYU! haha there are SO many little kids running around in are family i love it haha.
les amo muchísimo,
Elder Archibald

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