Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 68

Hey family!
     well i am writing you from my new area! its called Lempira and its the Comayagûela Zone. We got the phone call on tuesday letting us know that I had transfers. Elder Quiñonez is staying there in Guaimaca for another change. I was honestly a little sad to leave to be honest with you; we had a lot of investigators progressing families...but all well! gotta keep on keepin on. Im excited to get to know the new area and new people.
    we had to wake up really early the next day to catch the bus from guiamaca to tegus. There werent any mototaxis that early in the morning so we had to walk with my stuff SO far to get to the highway where we wait for a bus to pass by on the side of the road. Then we had to stand up on the bus the whole way to the city. Then at the meeting i found out that i would be in Lempira, which is where we have the change meeting every transfer. The area is right in the heart of the city again, i can see the office from the window in our house. The house is actually pretty nice, we have a washing machine!!!! but the only bad thing is that there isnt running water :( haha so we have to fill up our big concrete tub thing with water to wash dishes, shower and everything. Im the district leader here and so that will be a good new experience. My companions name is Elder Weaver from Cedar city and he will be going home in January.
   So far the area is pretty nice and im really excited. It is a super nice chapel that is brand new it has an elevator haha.
alright well im out of time! ill talk to you later. Love you all
con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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