Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 71

 Hey family,
This was another great week. On monday we went to the main market in downtown comayaguela and looked around at some pretty cool stuff...a bunch of leather work, wood work, knock off soccer jerseys and all that cool suoveneir stuff. It was a fun p day. Im really enjoying my time here with the this zone, there are a lot of cool missionaries that are fun to be around.
   on tuesday I had exchanges with a missionary here in the district that has been having a lot of problems, not really about disobedience or anything, but he just wants to finish his mission and go home early. we had a really good time and found some really great investigators and had a heart to heart talk about how he can start to enjoy his mission more...he said at the end that the 14 months left that he has isnt really all that much and that he should finish.
   I also had exchanges with the zone leader Elder Jeff Luna from el salvador. It was so much fun because we have been really close friends throughout the whole mission. We went to visit the families that have baptismal dates and he helped out a lot. He has a great way with people and they just naturally want to follow him.
   On friday la familia zamora got married! we got to go to this small town far away called ojojona where weddings are cheaper. a member from the ward drove us out there and it was really pretty. This next saturday the family will get baptized.
    We had another amazing sunday as well. La familia Landes showed up about 10 mintues late to church but walked in and we sat with them...and we were worried that la familia zamora wasnt going to show up because they need to attend church one more time before getting baptized...but they showed up about 20 mintues late. and then la familia Irias showed up about 40 minutes late and then another familia came later too. in all we had 13 was so funny to see the bishop smile as one family after another came into church...and the cool thing is that they all have plans on getting baptized.
well thats about it! i love you all! thanks for all your prayers.
Con amor,
Elder Archibald

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