Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 70

Hey family, this week has been another great week. We are keeping really really busy with all of our investigators. Its been actually pretty hard to make sure that we stay focused on each and every one of them so that things will go as planned. Right now we have 10 baptismal dates for november and december. Sunday went really well again, we had 9 investigators in sacrament meeting. A new family of 5 showed up that we have been teaching. They are called la familia Landes and are going to get baptized on December first. They came early before church started and we gave them a tour of the chapel before the meetings started. Then we talked about baptism while we were showing them the baptismal fount and they said they would pray about it. Later that night we went to their house and they said that they LOVED church and want to get baptized. Now we just need to start working on their wedding papers. The family that was going to get baptized on the 17th (familia zamora) didnt show up...i was pretty sad about that. But we just moved the baptism back a week. They are still going to get married this friday. We just have to do a couple food selling activities to raise money. The dad makes tourist t shirts and sells them the the touristy spots...he says he`s gonna hook me up with some shirts haha.
On other news, we tried making baleadas from scratch...we tried making flour tortillas and they turned out okay.

Well thats about it for this week family, sorry for another short week, but we have not have a lot of time to write. I love hearing from you all though.
Talk to you later!
con mucho amor,
Elder Archibald

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