Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 66

Hey Family,

    Well its been another interesting week here in Guaimaca. It has been a little slow to be honest with you. We are trying to not let the rain get us down, although it does make things a lot harder...Not really for getting wet or things like that, but people for some reason are a lot less receptive haha. Members dont want to leave to visit with us and I dont know if i really blame them...I dont know if i would want to do that either before the mission. But we are working with 3 or 4 families that are progressing. We really hope that one of them will be able to get baptized by the end of the month. All the families are so special and i love them so much, i really hope that they will keep progressing.
     There is the one family who´s kids got baptized about 6 months ago and the mom wanted to get baptized as well but she is not married to her husband...and like most families, the man doesnt want to get married. they say they want to "get to know eachother better" even after 15 years or more of being together haha. But anyways, we think that some things have happened that might soften their hearts. One of their sons, he´s 9, passed out one day and start having convulsions and that was going on for a week or so. He would have convulsions almost ever few hours. They brought them to this small hospital here but they didnt have the money to keep him there or do any examens, so they sent him home. Then luckily the branch president recieved permission from President Fortuna to pay for the examens and hospital care, which came out to 12,000 Lempiras (about 600 dollars). And the boy was fine for a little while, but the convulsions started again a few days ago and the hospital here says that there is nothing they can do and that he will need to go to tegucigalpa to a hospital there. We went to their house yesterday to give him a blessing, it was so sad to see how skinny he is because he is not eating and he cant keep his arms still. So keep Angel Gabriel in your prayers.
     This is the last full week of the transfer, we have the changes meeting next wednesday. We´ve heard that there are a lot of crazy changes going on in the mission so we dont know really if we will stay. I could be leaving, or my companion...but we are gonna keep working as if we were both staying for the next change. I really would love to stay another change with Elder Quiñonez and president said its possible, help me out and ask for that in your prayers!
     It is pretty exciting about the age change with the missionaries. In Honduras and most of central america, Elders could leave when they were 18 already, but its new with the age for the sisters. I think that we will be getting a lot of new missionaries in these next few months. Im grateful that i left when i did, It was nice to get some college under my belt and be able to live away from home for a little. I think it would have been a lot harder to get used to the mission if i hadnt.
     I hope everyone is doing well back home! Im excited to get back to BYU and be able to be close to Heather and brett and ashley. I thought i was going to be alon at BYU a few years ago haha but that is not the case. Its funny how we always end up close together.

Alright, well thats it for this week. I love you all! i hope you have a great week.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Archibald

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